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Howto: ESXi shell access

August 15th, 2008 Posted in Software

How to get shell access to your VMWare ESXi server?
By default the VMWare ESXi server don’t offer shell access (through the menu).
But by doing the following, you will be able to access the shell (although its limited):

1. Hook up a screen and a keyboard to the VMWae ESXi server.
2. Press “Alt+F1”
3. Write “unsupported” and press Enter (if you screw up, and think you’ve typed something wrong,
you can use Ctrl+U to clear the input field).
4. Enter the root password, an voila, shell access.

4 Responses to “Howto: ESXi shell access”

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  2. hamid Says:

    great , thanks

  3. joag Says:

    Good info dude, I’ve been searching this for 16 hours and thanks to you I’m able to modify some things thru console.

    Best Regards

  4. Nirav Doshi Says:

    Thanks for this tip! Worked well!


    Nirav Doshi

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