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Finjan how-to: Install Vital Security 9.2 on NG Appliance

November 24th, 2009 Posted in Finjan, Security

You might haveĀ  read the release notes for Finjan Vital Security 9.2, and found that the instructions doesn’t make much sense. E.g.:

– The files are not available

– The notes are referring to files not available on the Finjan web site

– The instructions are incomplete, and doesn’t work.


Here are working instructions on how to install Vital Security v. 9.2 on a NG-appliance.

1. Download the USB Flash Drive Creator v 1.0.6

2. Download the 9.2 ISO image.

3. Create a bootable device using the USB Flash Drive Creator v 1.0.6

To install this Release using USB key on NG-5000 (this should also work on newer NG appliances):

1. Attach the bootable USB flash device, and a USB keyboard and VGA monitor to the appliance while it is still switched off.

2. Power on the appliance. The appliance will read automatically from the USB disk-on-key.

3. When the Finjan screen appears, type 9.2-vs to continue with this process.

4. Let the installation run – it will take approximately 20 minutes. After this time, the appliance will reboot. Remove the USB key when the appliance reboots.

5. During the first boot, the setup will complete the installation. Dont power off the unit. Log in to the console with admin/finjan and run the “setup” by typing “setup”.

Important: You don’t need the “USB Root files” from Finjan.

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