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Infoblox NIOS 6.0.0 released

January 7th, 2011 Posted in Infoblox

Infoblox recently released version 6.0.0 of NIOS. No, you should not upgrade immediately. Wait for them to fix some bugs. In the meantime, you should read about all the awesome features included in version 6.0.0 of NIOS.

NIOS 6.0.0 Feature overview
– CSV import
– NXDOMAIN response replacement
– Blacklisting
– DHCP Lease Scavenging
– BGP Anycast Support
– bloxTools
– Synchronization with MS Windows Servers improvement

CSV import
Now you can actually import CSV files that are not just DHCP-related. And it’s included in the actual product (it’s not a Java Import Wizard). With the new import feature, you can import DNS, DHCP and IPAM data!

NXDOMAIN response replacement
You now have the ability to replace the NXDOMAIN response, with a “synthesized” DNS response with a pre-defined IP-address. You can also create rules specifying how a member should respond to a query for an A-record for a certain domain. In other words, it’s not just limited to NXDOMAIN.

You can blacklist domain names.

DHCP Lease Scavenging
Automated scavenging of leases older than a certain age.

BGP Anycast Support
You can now use BGP or OSPF (or both) as the anycast protocol for DNS advertising.

bloxTools can no longer be run on a Grid Master, Grid Master Candidate or a vNIOS appliance on Riverbed or VMware. It must run on a Grid Member.

Synchronization with MS Windows Servers
With version 6.0.0 you can now create a user account that does not require Admin group membership rights, to use with Infoblox.

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