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Infoblox NIOS 6.0 and older appliances

January 10th, 2011 Posted in Infoblox

Just a note, if you are stuck with one of the following models:
IB: -250, -500, -1000, -1200, -550, -1050, -1550, and -2000 you will not be able to upgrade to 6.0.

You can check if your appliance(s) is/are compatible by running the following cli command:

show upgrade_compatible 6.0

Running it will look something like this:

Infoblox > show upgrade_compatible 6.0
Hardware Type(model) Node IP Status
IB-1050 Not Compatible
The grid is not compatible with 6.0 release.
Infoblox >

If you try to upgrade, you will get the following error message, when you try to distribute the image:
2011-01-10 09:41:10 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[24930]”,”Use CLI: show upgrade_compatible”
2011-01-10 09:41:10 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[24928]”,”Grid not compatible with 6.0 release”
2011-01-10 09:39:55 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[22493]”,”Use CLI: show upgrade_compatible”
2011-01-10 09:39:55 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[22492]”,”Grid not compatible with 6.0 release”
2011-01-10 09:33:02 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[10791]”,”Use CLI: show upgrade_compatible”
2011-01-10 09:33:02 UTC,”syslog”,”CRITICAL”,”logger[10790]”,”Grid not compatible with 6.0 release”

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